Grassy Rows


Annual Lawn Program

Worry-free, year-round care for your lawn. Preemergent control to prevent the weeds before they sprout. Post emergent control for those that slip past our defenses, and nutrient-balanced fertilizer to elevate your lawn to its full green and healthy potential.

Lawn Aeration

Key to a healthy lawn!
One of the most neglected lawn practices around. Georgia soil is super compact! You must help your lawn out with annual aeration so the roots, nutrients, and moisture can penetrate that brick hard clay.


Fescue turf only survives two to three years, so must be reseeded, to retain a thick consistency, to retain moisture and block out weeds.
Fescue lawns should be reseeded every fall, but you happen to miss out, early spring is also an option.

Flea and Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are just part of the great outdoors. If you have pets or have a yard neighboring a wooded area or open field, deer and other animals could bring these pests right to your front door. Stop these infestations before they start.

Fire Ant Control

Fire ants are real, and alive and well in Georgia. Do your family and pets a favor, preventative treatments can stop ant colonies from invading and marring your lawn, and from sinking their pinchers into your loved ones.

Fungicide Application

Nearly all lawn diseases are caused by fungus. Your standard every day mushrooms are harmless, but mostly unseen fungi can wreck havoc causing small dead spots or even killing wide swaths of your lawn.

New Sod Installation

For when your turf needs reinforcements!
Sometimes a renovation is called for, when radical changes occur in your lawn (downed trees, utility digging, etc). We can help fill-out those bare areas with fresh new turf.

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