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The Importance of Watering Your Lawn

Its kinda funny; some people mow their lawns like clockwork, have the lawn treated for weeds and fertilized, may even have a sprinkler system, but just can’t bring themselves to water the lawn. Well, watering the lawn is the single, most important thing you can do, to promote the health of your lawn. As you might have guessed, a healthy lawn, is a beautiful lawn.

Watering the lawn is the single, most important thing you can do, to promote the health of your lawn.

Drought is a regular occurrence in Georgia. New neighborhoods in particular are at risk, when it comes to drought. I’ve seen brand new lawns, recently sodded when the home was built, be allowed to wither and die, by their new home owners. One lawn had appeared to have completely died during the 6 weeks between their regularly scheduled lawn treatments, during the peek of the summer heat. The home owners thought it was disease or that it needed more fertilizer. I was dismayed when they told me that they had never watered, in spite of our regular promptings to do so. Well I got down on my hands and knees and inspected their lawn. I couldn’t find a bit of green in that turf. “It appears dead”, I told them. They asked what they could do. I told them that it was probably too late, but that they could try watering heavily to rejuvenate any of the surviving roots and prompt some fresh growth.

Over the course of the next month and a half, they watered religiously. Much to my surprise, by the time I had returned, the lawn was green and about due for a cut. the outer edges of the pieces of sod were still toasty, but the change was miraculous.

So you might be wondering, what is the best way to water your lawn. First of all, respect your local county or city watering restrictions. Secondly, don’t water every day. Instead water one, or if it is particularly hot (July or August) maybe twice per week. Water deeply so that the roots have to dig down deep to get it. Turf with deep roots, are less susceptible to drought and extreme temperatures. You’ll want to water about 1 inch per week. If you need to water multiple times that week, then split that amount up between those days. If we are getting a lot of rain, feel free to skip a week. Set your sprinklers to water in the wee hours of the morning. It’s best to be finishing up, right as the sun is rising. Lawns left damp over night are at increased risk of disease.

We hope this information helps you to take better care of your lawn. Thank you for visiting. If you need help with your lawn, feel free to contact us. We would love to be of service.

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